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Innovative ways teachers are engaging students in learning

As society and youth change, education requires adaptation and evolution along with it. Students are not as easily captivated as before by simple colorful animations in textbooks and monotonous songs to correlate with learned concepts. A teacher's job description has grown vastly and the expectations are greater. Educators are now responsible not only for what is taught, but also how concepts are taught.

As students' interests expand and diversify, so do the teaching techniques and styles. Engagement is a crucial part of instruction. Ambitious educators seek further professional development and education in inventive ways to engage students in order to provide a memorable learning experience. A Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction could prove to be a critically useful tool in finding ways to capture the minds of young people as teachers evolve into learning facilitators.

How do you engage students in learning? On many occasions, teachers feel ineffective and as if they are competing with the new age of youth interests. Researching what interests your audience is imperative as a dedicated instructor. Liberal arts seem to be the new focus of students today. Music, photography, technology and many other forms of modern expression are the central motivation of today's students. Participating in a graduate degree program of education could provide methods to incorporate music into lessons, such as allowing a student to create lyrics to explain his or her understanding of an academic concept. In the era of "selfies," students can photograph themselves in their daily lives and write about their personal photography timeline. Students can utilize technology to perform math computations and become engaged in a more relatable way. The possibilities are endless for educators to discover methods to engage students, as long as effort and originality are applied.

Students learn better when engaged

Many movies have depicted the classroom setting at school as boring and unexciting. The teacher is seen standing at the front of the classroom lecturing a group of young people who are either unmotivated, distracted or unruly. Unfortunately, these Hollywood images of "learning" are sometimes rather accurate. Simply engaging students in learning can create a more exciting classroom setting where teachers are facilitating learning and students are receptive to it. Students who are more engaged often have more favorable learning outcomes. If you can recall any positive memorable experience that you have had, you remember it vividly due to the fact that you were most likely thoroughly engaged in that situation. Our minds are wired such that we remember impactful experiences most strongly. Continuing education can allow teachers to learn modern methods of creating experiences for students in the classroom and reaching the learners in a relatable fashion.

Using technology and blogs to boost learning

Cell phones, computers, tablets, video games and everything in between: Technology is the main focus of young people's interest today. Every task that before required a mind and human hands now simply requires a button and a finger to click it. This information and data is critical and very useful to educators. Teachers are able to go beyond the paper, pencil and textbook and connect with students on an authentic level. An education graduate program could help a teacher discover meaningful ways to seek out and utilize technology and blogs to increase effectiveness in instruction. One way to incorporate blogs in your teaching is to ask students to participate in or respond to questions on blogs. Hands-on activities, especially those that include the use of different forms of technology are becoming the norm for educators to incorporate into curriculum. This advancement in education is inevitable and constructive as our world becomes more progressive and technologically savvy.


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