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7 Concerns About Returning to Nursing School Online

Going back to school is a big decision, and big decisions often come with big questions and some anxiety. But, you're in luck! We've compiled a list of common concerns, and more importantly, the information you need to put your worries to rest.

Concern #1: I'm Too Old

No matter what you've heard, it's never too late to learn. You've been in nursing for years, and maybe your employer has just asked you to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Maybe you're looking to move into a new role. Or you want to revitalize your passion for nursing. No matter the reason, going back to school can be a great place to start. And don't worry, your online classmates won't all be 20-somethings just starting out; many of our students have years of experience in the field -- just like you.

And, with age comes wisdom and discipline. While you may not be fresh out of school, you've learned quite a bit about life and work along the way, and these skills will help you succeed in school. You know how you work best and you know how to stay on task. You're used to the rigors of work, so school won't be a shock to your system.

"I was a much older student when I started the RN to BSN program, so I did not grow up with computers... All in all, I'm proud of myself because I was able to do it. It got easier as it went along." -- Loretta Hise, online RN to BSN graduate

Concern #2: I've Been Out of School Too Long

If you're fretting that you've been out of school too long, it's time to stop. The truth is, the basics of school haven't changed that much, whether you've been out two years or 20. If anything, it's become more convenient. You still write papers, interact with your fellow students, read and do homework -- all just in more innovative and engaging ways. The online aspect, in many ways, makes it more convenient, if not easier.

Concern #3: I've Never Done Online Classes

New to online learning? You're not alone. Many of our nursing students are. The assignments, study materials and instructors are the same as in an on-campus program. The main difference is that you can study at any time from anywhere. In many ways, it's more flexible: you can view content as many times as you need to make sure you understand the material in depth. You have time to think before responding during discussions, whereas you wouldn't in a classroom. The computer skills you need aren't much different than those you already use daily. There is also support -- be sure to ask for help when you need it.

Concern #4: I Won't Get to Know My Classmates

It makes sense to think you won't get to know your classmates in an online program. But that's not the case. You will interact on message boards, and because the message boards are a part of your grade, you may communicate more than you would in person. The online format works especially well if you're on the quiet side.

Another good thing about interacting with your cohort online is that you're meeting people from all over the country, not just your area. The UTA RN to BSN online program, for example, has students from nearly every state. This gives you perspectives from a diverse group of nurses you might not otherwise get -- not to mention the networking possibilities.

Concern #5: I Won't Be Able to Meet With My Professors

True. Unless you live near campus, you most likely won't be able to meet with your professors -- face to face. However, the nurse educators at UTA pride themselves on being available through a number of different mediums, including phone, text, email and video chat. This means you will be able to interact with faculty in ways that will support a great learning experience. Because of new technology, you might even get more time with your professors than you had when you were previously in school.

Concern #6: I'll Have to Write Papers

You will have to write papers in the bachelor's and master's programs at UTA, but you'll have plenty of help along the way. With online writing tutors and ready access to your instructors, you might find that writing papers is easier than ever. You may be anxious about using the proper APA formatting to cite your sources. Again, don't worry. There are plenty of free resources online to help you; Microsoft Word also has a function that will just about do it for you. And again, your instructors will be with you every step of the way.

Concern #7: I'll Have to Repeat Classes I've Already Taken

You won't have to repeat courses you've done in the past if you took them from an accredited program. In fact, one of the advantages of bridge programs such as the RN to BSN or the RN to MSN is their focus on adding new knowledge, tools and skills to what you already know.

No matter what your concerns are, you're not alone. Once you make the leap, you'll find that going back to school might just be the best thing you can do for yourself, both professionally and personally.

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