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Keep Yourself Safe at Work

Nursing is filled with occupational hazards. From lifting injuries to accidental sharps exposures, the day-to-day risks are everywhere. While ADN-prepared RNs are already aware of

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What Do Hospital Boards Do?

A hospital board ensures that a hospital reaches its goals, retains its values and remains financially solvent. The board — commonly called “hospital governance” —

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What Is a Forensic Nurse?

According to the International Association of Forensic Nurses, (IAFN), forensic nursing involves the “application of nursing science to public or legal proceedings.” The American Nurses

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What Is Telemedicine?

Advances in technology have not only affected the way healthcare providers treat illnesses but also how they deliver that treatment. Telemedicine technology allows healthcare providers

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What Is a Flight Nurse?

When we think of nurses, we often think of clinics, hospital floors, emergency rooms and rehab centers, but many other settings also require nurses and

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