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Why are BSN-prepared nurses preferred?

A report in 2010 by the Institute of Medicine recommended a nurse workforce comprised of 80 percent baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses by the year 2020. This report was linked to evidence indicating hospitals that increased the number of BSN-prepared nurses over time had greater reductions in mortality and failure to rescue than hospitals that did not. BSN-prepared nurses are now preferred hires and the trend will only grow stronger until it eventually becomes a requirement. In addition, obtaining further education opens opportunities for advancement.

Let your education and experience speak

Experience is valued in any discipline, especially a field such as nursing. However, lacking education credentials can limit career progression even with substantial clinical experience. Nursing positions are competitive and the BSN-prepared nurse often has an advantage over a nurse with an associate degree. By continuing their education, particularly through a flexible online RN to BSN program, nurses can demonstrate balance with their experience and education and be assured both elements will speak highly for them.

Advance at work

Earning a BSN tells the employer that the nurse cares about patient outcomes, safety and cost effectiveness. It also may provide for advancement within the workplace. Most nurses want to grow within their healthcare organizations. Being in the same position and seeing individuals with less experience but more education obtain higher placement in the company can be frustrating. Obtaining an online RN to BSN allows a nurse to fill new roles more quickly.

Learn new approaches

Learning new evidence-based methods and applying them into practice is a consistent focus of baccalaureate nursing programs. An online RN to BSN program provides an easy way to learn these methods, yet still allows the student the opportunity to work full time.


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