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Online Student Testimonials

Here's what students are saying about UTA's online degrees!

Student Testimonials

Nursing Testimonials

"...I think the information and the knowledge I gained through this program are going to take me far, far, far!"

Mary Moore, Graduate of UTA's Online MSN Program

"...Almost everything I've learned, I've been able to directly apply to my daily practice."

Eric Tauber, Graduate of UTA's Online MSN Program

"..I didn't have to take out any loans because it was so affordable."

Delphine Olivacce, Graduate of UTA's Online MSN Program

uta testimonial melanie aluotto

"...It's more than just a piece of paper. It's actually changing the way you see nursing."

Melanie Aluotto

BSN online graduate

"...Having my master's degree has helped me get to where I am."

Ashley Hodo

UTA MSN online graduate

"...I would recommend it to anybody!"

Lynda Gustavus

UTA BSN online graduate

uta testimonial melanie aluotto

"The online MSN program has a great balance of challenging courses and ease of access."

Melanie Aluotto

UTA MSN online graduate

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