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Why Have a Study Group in a BSN Program?

Why have a study group in a BSN program

You decided to earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing and enrolled in a BSN online program. Now it is time to study effectively. One of the most common nursing school tips is to join a study group.

Although you cannot meet physically in an online program, technology lets you easily arrange virtual meetings. You can communicate through message boards, online forums, email, group chat or even programs such as Skype or Google Hangouts.

The Benefits of Study Groups

Study groups can improve members’ study skills and discipline through shared ideas and content. Group members can also share nursing school tips and techniques for note-taking, organization and time management. If you do not understand a concept, group members can offer explanations that may present the concept in a manner that is easier to understand. Members can share notes, which may reveal information that others missed.

Other benefits of a nursing study group include the following:

  • Each group member can research an assigned piece of content in preparation for class or an exam and share that information with the other members.
  • Members can brainstorm and create mnemonics (devices such as patterns of letters, ideas or associations that help you remember information).
  • Members can create practice questions for each other by divvying up different areas of study and researching important concepts and principles.

Working with your peers during nursing school can also build professional relationships that you will carry with you into your nursing career.

Another reason for students in a BSN online program to join a study group is to connect with fellow students who know the challenges you are facing. This contact can help alleviate feelings of isolation and reduce stress.

How to Set Up an Effective Study Group

Choose the members of your study group carefully. The best size is usually three to five members, although some people prefer to work with only one other person. Larger groups can become unwieldy and difficult to manage.

Characteristics to keep in mind when choosing people to invite include the following:

  • Motivation to learn.
  • Compatible schedules.
  • Sociable personalities.
  • Commitment to group success.

The best study groups include members with different strengths. For example, choosing someone who is strong in anatomy and physiology, someone strong in administrative and leadership topics, and someone strong in clinical topics means you each bring a different knowledge base to the group.

After you assemble a group, set shared goals and make a study plan. Talk about what you want to achieve as a group and decide how you will work together. Set up guidelines for how and when you will meet and stick to them. Even with a study group, you need still need to study on your own, but successfully completing a BSN online program is about your ability to leverage time and resources to master course material and meet the graduation requirements. Study groups can be the advantage you need to truly excel in your program and establish the relationships that can improve your career.

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