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What Is an MSN in Nursing Administration?

Nursing administrators play a crucial role in the operations of healthcare. Nurses wanting to advance within healthcare organizations should consider advanced degrees, such as the online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Administration program from The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

An MSN in Nursing Administration complements bedside skills and experience. And with more information available to consumers when choosing a healthcare provider, the roles of nurse managers and leaders gain even more prominence.


Nurse managers move seamlessly between carrying out administrative tasks and overseeing and supporting nursing unit staff and the patient care provided. They plan budgets, recognize and evaluate staff performance and set the tone for the organization. The ability to work in both worlds is crucial for success.

Competition for nursing administration roles can be stiff, prompting individuals to seek higher education to bolster their chances for advancement. The American Nurses Association (ANA) notes, “Nurse managers typically hold advanced degrees, such as an MSN, NP, or APRN.”

Expand your horizons beyond traditional nursing roles with an online MSN.


Seeking advanced degrees has gained popularity in recent years with greater attention placed on raising practice standards. For instance, chief nursing officers (CNOs) in hospitals with Magnet designation must have at least a master’s degree, such as an online MSN in Nursing Administration. Magnet hospital CNO positions are among the most coveted nursing administration jobs in the modern healthcare system.

An MSN in Nursing Administration helps broaden the educational base for nurse managers and administrators. Uniquely, for nurses seeking to obtain an MSN in Nursing Administration and pursue teaching as well, additional credit hours can be added to UTA’s degree program to meet the requirements for earning an additional Advanced Nursing Educator Certificate.

Due to various reasons, there is a persistent shortage of qualified faculty for nursing education programs. This nursing faculty shortage leads to a lack of nursing education program capacity — a contributing factor to schools having to turn away thousands of qualified nursing school applicants every year. This cyclic shortage of educators exacerbates nursing shortages and limits the push for higher levels of nursing education attainment. UTA’s Advanced Nursing Educator Certificate add-on option is an example of the variety of programs available to students who wish to help address shortages through educating the next generation of nurses.

The potential of registered nurses to advance within healthcare organizations involves a blend of on-the-job experience and further education through quality MSN programs. Nurses play an increasingly large role in improving patient care at hospitals and driving organizational change. Individuals with a nursing administration degree stand out as they advance in their careers, making an online MSN in Nursing Administration worth the time and investment.

Learn more about UTA’s online MSN in Nursing Administration program.

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