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What to Expect From RN to BSN Programs Online

If you want to learn how RN to BSN programs online can help advance your nursing career, look no further. The answers are provided here.

Why should I take an online RN to BSN program?

Online RN to BSN programs have become popular as of late. These programs are designed around the busy schedules of working nurses who may not have the time to attend on-site classes. Utilizing an online classroom at your convenience can make getting a nursing degree while working much easier. Many times hospitals have tuition programs put into place that will help pay for all or a portion of tuition for RN to BSN programs.

RN to BSN programs online are intended to follow the same academic schedule as traditional on-campus classes. You won’t be missing out on anything by taking an online course. The benefits of attaining your BSN degree will prepare you for advancement in the nursing profession. A BSN degree prepares you to take on more responsibility and pursue leadership positions that require an advanced degree. With higher qualifications comes the possibility of compensation increases. With a BSN degree, you may benefit from advanced career choices such as advanced practice nursing, nursing management and administration, community and nonprofit organizations, or pharmaceutical and medical equipment sales and consulting.

What is required before I submit an application?

Prerequisites along with other requirements must be met before applying to RN to BSN programs online. Applicants must have an associate degree or diploma in nursing from an accredited school as well as show evidence of good academic standing, usually through a cumulative grade point average of college or university classes previously taken. A copy of official transcripts must be submitted from all educational institutions. Prerequisite classes for general education courses must be completed beforehand. Professional and academic references may also be required.

How should I choose an RN to BSN online program that is right for me?

When looking for RN to BSN online programs, it is important to gain your degree from a nationally accredited institution. Programs from nationally accredited institutions are recognized by U.S. hospitals as reputable sources of education. The types of classes you will be taking vary, but classes typically build upon old concepts while introducing new concepts such as professional nursing care, leadership and critical thinking skills. The time frame for completing RN to BSN online programs usually ranges anywhere from a year to two years’ time.

Choosing the right online RN to BSN program can be a difficult decision. However, asking yourself these questions can help prepare you to make the right decision.

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