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Job Options for MSN Nurses

There has never been a more exciting time in nursing, especially for those seeking personal and professional advancement with MSN jobs. Although nursing jobs in general are in high demand, nurses with advanced degrees are even more sought-after. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that positions for nurses with advanced degrees will grow between 23 and 31 percent (depending on the exact role), which is much faster than the national average of 7 percent. So, what are some of the MSN jobs nurses that they could not do with an associate or even a bachelor’s degree?

Nurse Administrator or Manager

With an expanding and complex healthcare environment, new nursing leaders will need the training to navigate these uncharted waters. They will require further education to learn ways to solve problems and manage personnel. Although MSN jobs are often seen as a step away from the bedside, these positions have a far-reaching impact on patient care.

Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist or Nurse Midwife

Advanced practice nurses or APRNs must obtain an advanced degree before beginning practice. These nurses provide and coordinate care independently or in collaboration with physicians. Many states allow them to prescribe medications, order medical tests and diagnose health issues. These highly specialized MSN jobs provide nurses with a great deal of autonomy and allow them to work in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, outpatient centers and physicians’ offices.

Nurse Educator

Nurses are natural teachers. They educate their patients every day and are skilled communicators within their teams. Therefore, a natural progression for many nurses leads to nursing education. This MSN job allows nurses to share their knowledge and experience with future nurses and their peers. They train students but also work within healthcare settings assisting the staff in maintaining competencies. Currently, nurse educators are in high demand, as they are pivotal players in preventing a catastrophic nursing shortage. A recent American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) reported that more than 70,000 qualified applicants were turned away for admission due to a lack of nursing instructors and clinical space. Clearly, there is a significant need for nurse educators, now and for years to come.

Although many may feel intimidated when considering returning to school to earn an advanced degree, they should know that it has never been more convenient. Many nursing programs now offer online RN to MSN programs to ease the burden. By allowing the working student to proceed at their own pace and on their own schedule, the programs offer a more convenient path to success. With so many exciting and challenging MSN jobs, nurses seeking professional advancement have more opportunities than ever to make significant impacts on healthcare and in the lives of the patients they serve.

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