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Options with an Online RN to MSN Program

Two of the biggest opportunities for nursing advancement are in the areas of nursing administration and nursing education. Nurses seeking these specialties will need advanced degrees to be successful. Although completing an advanced degree program can seem daunting, an online RN to MSN program offers a quality education with the convenience working nurses need.

Core Curriculum

Whether seeking a MSN in Nursing Administration or Nursing Education, both degrees provide both essential and advanced nursing knowledge. The core classes in online RN to MSN programs provide students with a foundation that will prepare them for classes in their specialty. Most online graduate nursing programs provide training in research, health policy, leadership and theories of nursing. These classes provide the nursing student a global understanding of the healthcare community and will equip them to navigate their new roles successfully.

MSN in Nursing Administration

Nurses who want to become healthcare leaders will need specialized knowledge beyond their clinical education. Online RN to MSN programs introduce contemporary management theories to the knowledge they already possess. Completing an MSN in Nursing Administration will give graduates the skills to function in a variety of healthcare settings. With the job outlook increasing at a rate of 17 percent for medical and health services managers through 2024, opportunities in nursing administration and leadership will continue to grow.

MSN in Nursing Education

One of the biggest contributors to the looming nursing shortage is the lack of qualified nurse educators. Obtaining an MSN in Nursing Education equips nurses to give back to their profession and make contributions to the future of nursing. Online RN to MSN programs provide instruction in curriculum development, advanced teaching skills and strategies for classroom management. Coursework in this type of online graduate nursing program hones the knowledge and skills obtained from professional experience and provides advanced training in nursing care. This online RN to MSN program prepares graduates for academic and clinical careers.

As the future of healthcare continues to change, new leaders will need to step up. MSN-prepared nurses have the education to meet the dynamic needs of the future. Whether students choose to become nurse administrators or nurse educators, their contributions to healthcare will be far reaching. Ultimately, both will affect and improve patient care.

With so many options for graduate nursing programs, nurses will need to find a program that suits their lifestyle, such as the online RN to MSN program at the University of Texas at Arlington. With the flexibility of doing coursework from anywhere, nurses can pursue their goals without major interruptions to their careers and personal lives. Although the prospect of earning an advanced degree may be daunting, the positive impact on healthcare and the satisfaction of completing an advanced degree is well worth the challenge.

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